Friday, 2 January 2015

Avail Great Reservation System in Hotel Management System

Having functionality of reservation system in your hotel management system can be said as the one in so many online wonders intended to make travailing extra enjoyable and simplified. In general, this is the system that caters all the requirements of online bookings. If you are going to have a tour in India, visiting for business purpose or having a pleasure trip and at the same time you have a out of the ordinary requirement for your accommodation, then what would you do for the same? You don’t have to be worried at all! You can have the assistance of online hotel management system to reduce your hassles.

In general, the hotel reservation systems are extremely spontaneous and easy. Most of the time these scare away the potential clients since they think are very intricate to operate. However, today’s online booking systems have comparatively easy to use GUI as well as comfortable environment. Additionally, it has the scope for encrypted security and personalization.

The Symphony Hotel Management System provides fully featured, user friendly front office environment in order to improve the performance of business by allowing you workforce's to spend more moment with the guests.

Following are several features that you can expect from the Symphony to incorporate in the system to provide good client service:
  • Availing Group bookings
  • Mechanized correspondence management (ex. text message, email, print)
  • Complete set of customisable reports
  • Advanced compiler for rate package
  • Inherent marketing module
  • Event management
  • Travel Agent billing as well as management
Several other noteworthy features:
  • Complete history of guests
  • Highly functional front office operations
  • Directly connected to your website for real time, integrated online bookings
  • Complete management of billing, accounts receivable as well as debtor
  • Asset management, housekeeping and room management
  • Uncomplicated, logical workflow with least navigation
  • All-inclusive list of reports customized to go with your requirements
  • Flawless association with a range of OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) as well as channel managers

So, these were several required features that any Hotel management system must have in order to increase the revenue and performance of hotel management business. Such development is efficiently done by the Symphony hotel management system, by adding all the features and functionalities mentioned above. So, make your system more compatible as well as use friendly with us.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Why hotel management software is much recommended?

The swift urbanization and development, with the comparatively elevated average financial gain of the population, has revised port to a larger and advanced, supplementary multinational metropolis. Nowadays, every visitor of the town looks for the best to stay. The luxurious Hotels in India thrives with gilded apathy, ensuring guests to its deluxe interiors, a thrilling living experience. Such kind of Luxurious  Hotels offer a all-inclusive work-station for their business patronage as well as with a huge number of considerable facilities such as unlimited high speed net & bet hotel management system India to assist you best.

There are following significance of Hotel management system:

Better Client Service

Having the assistance of software solution, specially intended for hotels, you will discover that each and every one your tasks are accomplished with much precision. For instance, when you get reservations done, there will never again arise any bug. You will not have to justify human error, since there will be not any. All your of your customer would get a much better service since the system overlooks their reservations. Moreover, billing would be extremely accurate, and therefore, the overall rank of guest service will significantly increase, which will tend to maximize customer satisfaction.

Prevent from Theft

Seeing that all the accounting will be done via the software, you will be in a situation where you will have to complete control over the surge of money. You could simply create reports that would grant you breakdown of arriving funds as well as expenditures. Also when you are lots of miles away, you will never again require worrying about theft. In addition, you could make use of the sales reports created by the system to enhance your hotel's policies. For instance, if you observe a trend of raise in the number of guests throughout certain months, you can be ready for it in the approaching year.

Increase Performance and Productivity

Hotel management system India consist a number of package to increases productivity as well as performance across departments and offers personalized customer services. The admin module is chargeable for area formation and configuration and any additional charges such as food, homophone, Laundry and alternative charges by area. Such software package will boost operational power, also Front table is chargeable for area cancelation and reservation, sign up or confirm (either single or group) and bill preparation too.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Steps for 2015: Several Tends To Follow

Now, here we are discussing several game changing trends in the industry of hospitality that in turn having a great influence for the mid-sized as well as small business. Along with essential hotel management strategies, it is required to refer following points in order to formulate opportunities for the forthcoming year.

Any hotel industry is required to be prepared as well as show their presence and current marketing updates at different web channels such as Google channels like Google places, Google+, Google Maps and Google Wallet and the like.

Keep aside a financial plan to get your account on Google Hotel Finder as well as take part in Price Ads to enhance direct bookings.

Review media sights play a great role: Sometimes you would think to have both the campaigns pay per booking and cost per click to observe which acts better for your hotel industry before preferring to opt for one.

Keep track of the latest offerings provided by the several other review media sites. This will turn into very difficult for your hotel to overlook the smart phone medium if it desires to be an element of the superior consumer mindshare. Details from 2014 point out a growing preference for mobile as well as it will continue to rise in 2015. It is essential that in the year 2015, your business integrates mobile approach into whatever tasks you do.

Do not lose last minute bookings to OTAs – build on brand loyalty with a strategy to capture same day bookings.

Factor in the requirements of your hotel, budgets and marketing strategy to create cloud technology an element of your plan of 2015.

Determine the Return of Investment that you will acquire if your hotel industry decides to go for cloud technology, furthermore select a solution that provides your business depth and breadth.

Just like a long-term policy, build a niche in proposition of your hotel to detain the attention of travellers and bond on an emotional stage.

Search out the ways to connect to your patron and endorse brand awareness on your individual platforms such as social media channels and the website.

To remain spirited in the competitive market, small as well as mid-sized hotels will be required to eventually opt for technology that is adaptive and swift to deliver in accordance with the latest trends, which is exactly done by a hotel management system.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Significance of Hotel Management System India

There are many industries all over the world. Different industry works in different sector. But there are few industries which are called successful business. Additionally, there are many industries that are called business. But there is a long way between business and successful business. Business turns into successful by a proper management system only. So the management system is very important in the field of development. 

The management system which manages all things in hotel is called the Hotel Management System. The hotel management is the perfect management techniques include hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food and beverage management and catering. The hotel management system functions the hotel properly and manages every single thing the way it should be. And this is how the perfect Hotel Management System of India Runs. In India the culture to treat any guest is supposed to "Atithi Devo Bhava" and on this concept the whole hospitality runs whether it is any family or any grand Hotel Management of India. 

Hotel Managemet System India

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hotel Management System- Choose The Best One

For running hotel it is necessary that the correct hotel software is used for all your needs. If you have correct and flexible software then you are able to save your valuable time and money. There are many systems available in the market to help you but you need to know about the functions of the software. There are many things you need to check before buying a software system otherwise it will be useless. The style of business management of every person is different so it should match with your style. For getting the best Hotel Management System you are requested to consult symphony hotel management system as we constantly endeavor to ensure that our software helps clients across the hospitality industry to reduce costs. 

For getting more information, you can log on to our official website on and you can find more information about Hotel Management Software. Grow with us.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Software That Helps Your Hotel Management System

In todays world there are some business which are not highly affected by the recession and hotel management is among them. So, in every hotel routines must go smoothly as they are highly dependent and for that not only man power is needed but also some software which guides and reduce your work. For this our company Symphony hotel management system has developed software for Hotel Management System that makes all the aspects of the hotel comes under one system.

Our software reduces the cost of different software for different work. Every clients do not like to wait in queue at the time of check in/out, and for that the receptionist must do his work fast. Our software helps your person at the front-desk to do his work fast. This makes you to satisfy your customer satisfaction. It also helps you to store all the information at one place. Our software developers work to make your software as well as possible and builds that software which suits to your business and makes your Hotel Management Software even stronger.So  to know more about it visit our website  and get one for you.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Hotel Management System – Necessity For Today’s Hotel Business

Hotel business is booming today. There are so many reasons behind it. You can see the progress in each and every field in all over the world today. It is the main reason for the enhancement of hotel business everywhere. There is a big demand of luxurious services which is not possible without any strong support system. For fulfilling this need you have to get a perfect Hotel Management System

Otherwise you will not be able to fulfil the needs of your customers and you will lose the business in this field. If you want to get the best systems then according to me you should log on to They are the best online shopping store who is providing their services online. You can contact them online through their own web site. So log on to and find the perfect Hotel Management System which is the necessity for today’s hotel business.